Face is a multi-faceted term, and its meaning is inextricably linked with culture and other terms such as honor and its opposite, humiliation. I can't buy a car because I am saving up for college. It took me year to learn to pronounce it! What's the origin of the phrase 'Lose face - Save face'? We are increasingly preoccupied by physical beauty and particularly by facial beauty. Sutu... Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) Saving General Yang Katherine Lo 2013: Yang Yanzhao You broke Family Law and ignored your father's orders. I will not presume to provide an authoritative medical discussion here. Number: Country: People who are involved in a conflict and secretly know they are wrong will often not admit that they are wrong because they don’t want to admit they made a mistake. In Reply to: Chinese or Japanese posted by ESC on January 11, 2004: : : Does anyone know the origin of this idiom, or of it's close cousin "Losing face"? Kid's got the touch. There are monitored sites with useful data and suggestions. For some of us, survival is dependent upon a lifetime partnership with the drug. I have been on prednisone every day for 30 years. As an effective immunosuppressant, it's been prescribed and taken by millions of people with chronic disease over many decades, and is used in other conditions including allergies and organ transplants. past, the CIA does not expose any of its operative’s identities or their whereabouts due to secrecy of their mission and to reduce the risk that their families might face from potential enemies. tactical. At least I wasn't very good at it. Betty Friedan, the noted feminist and one of the founders of the modern women's movement, told me it upset her to see the number of women undergoing plastic surgery—this observation was made before the trend had begun in earnest. Originally used by the English community in China, with reference to the continual devices among the Chinese to avoid incurring or inflicting disgrace. Name: Saving one's own face depends on the mutual interaction between sender and recipient. I'm 62 and on it since 12. I wasn't applying for a bank loan and therefore full disclosure wasn't required. Later it was changed to possibly Churgg-Strauss Syndrome or some other connective tissue disease of unknown origin. However, there are countless unfiltered ones with erroneous or careless descriptions and frightening accounts. How to Weather Psychologically Toxic Conditions, Why So Many Are Gambling with Contracting Covid-19. I am a writer who, at a fairly late stage in the experience of illness, decided to tell the truth about a life lived with the presence of chronic disease and about the roller coaster of steroid treatment. Saving Face. I was always hungry too. Saving face. Application Form: Its particular forms encompass the much-prescribed prednisone and there's Solu-Medrol administered intravenously, as well as a variety of other formulations. As an afterthought she added the changing shape of my face told a brave story of coping with disease. According to this definition, a teacher is able to interrupt his student, whereas the student might commit a threat to the teacher's authority when interrupting the latter. Posted by Charlie on January 24, 2004. Amount: The theory posited "face", or self-image when communicating with others, as a universal phenomenon that pervades across cultures. It's the place where the presence of moon faces is very apparent. Similarly, to save (another's) face. It didn't seem significant to me then. I Want My Mind and Body to Be Healthy at the Same Time, This Time I Have A Right To Be Anxious About My Health (1), Head Held High: Coping With Chronic Illness. To try to regain favorable standing after something embarrassing has happened; to give or afford someone an opportunity to avoid embarrassment, humiliation, or shame. Please tell me about you. But I learned from older women who had been unwell longer than I had been. And because ‘ save face ’ (mentsu wo tamotsu) is such a strong motivating force in Japan, it’s also one of the most important concepts in understanding the Japanese Mind. In this society, we will constantly learn the importance of saving face and the ways of doing it. I do offer this thought—we save face by remembering we're not alone, inferior or ugly. Here's a list of similar words from our thesaurus that you can use instead. Think she'll be chief of surgery when she's 55? May 11, 2013 is similar to facework, in that face-saving behaviours are acts where an individual will attempt to uphold their dignity addressing a social blunder or accident in which it was brought into question. Therefore, savings bonds mature to their full face value. The hope is that this exchange of prisoners will give the kidnappers the face-saver they need to release the hostages. Alternatively, members of a group may attempt to embarrass or humiliate someone who has made a mistake, causing them to lose face. Thanks Countless websites are available with a few keystrokes. There's Botox and a variety of injectable fillers to smooth away years and imperfections, add contours, plump lips and so forth. With Internet access it's easy to discover the side effects. There were times when I declined events, parties and gatherings because I was so bloated. Look it up now! by maeganb013 November 23, 2009. There's no way for Audrey to save face now that the entire company knows she embezzled money. My saving grace is saving face. Dignified or diplomatic. to save one's face: to avoid being disgraced or humiliated. There are no effective tricks; our faces betray us. We've nothing to hide and there isn't a requirement to appear in cosmetic disguise if we don't feel like spending an hour before the make-up mirror. A person may attempt to save their own face and people in a group may help them. Saving grace definition: A saving grace is a good quality or feature in a person or thing that prevents them from... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples This cultural obsession screams at us from magazines and movies and television programs and advertisements. I have pictures of myself at that time where my face is bigger than it ever has been since, filled with acne. save face: [verb] to do something to save one's reputation or to avoid or reduce embarrassment. Some will immediately as… Reminds me a little of you. I began to locate the rest of me—to reclaim the part that wasn't visible. Asthma and Migraines Are Painful, but Depression Hurts More. Expressi… Accepting each others' faces and the corresponding social roles people are taking, is defined as face-to-face talk. The decision is a face-saving compromise which will allow the government to remain in office. I would love to hear from you. How Can Medical Workers Cope With COVID-19 Stress Now? If I couldn't see much of the world I was probably invisible. It's been part of English vernacular since the 19th century. The drug is referred to as steroids or corticosteroids. When she's 40. face off: Either an actual or a figurative face to face confrontation, especially a bitter one. save face When one realizes their blunder and uses a tactic to try & cover up their mistake. Was wondering what exactly the term "saving face" means as I've heard it used before. Our emotional equilibrium requires inner strength and a sense of self. Lose face - Be humiliated; lose one's reputation. Developing a personal practice of compassionate love toward others can help heal old wounds, for those who receive the compassion and for those who give it. We know about sugar and salt, but steroids make us hungry! I have chronic fatigue from adrenals being so depleted, I assume, and osteoporosis and mood swings, and bruises all over my legs from skin thinning. That phrase may also be expressed in English as 'to suffer public disgrace', that is, to be unable to show one's face in public. You don’t want to lose your face between your family, friends, and your peers because they will ignore you and isolate you. "Losing face" and "saving face" are ideas often used in Western cultures. I am now almost 64. At this juncture, steroids are no longer particularly effective for me. I hope for and have faith there will be a future that brings new drugs, and ultimately cures. My face told that part of my story then and the pictures tell that part of my story now. 11 Tips for Talking to Someone You Disagree With. preserve one's honor. The rates and terms for an EE bond depend largely on when the bond was issued: My initial diagnosis was Wegener's Granulomatosis!! My saving grace is saving face. But Chinese culture brings face to a whole new complicated level. There are other serious adverse reactions, which can include mood swings and anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and sometimes drug-induced "mania". Our bodies tell the stories of our lives. Electronic Series EE savings bonds, purchased via TreasuryDirect, are sold at face value. Goffman was the contemporary theorist who first introduced the idea of face and line into a sociological perspective. tactful. TRY save face IN A SENTENCE BELOW. Citation from "Search Committee 1", The Office (US TV), Season 7 Episode 25 (2011) blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against this site . The list of possible reactions to steroids fills pages in medical reference books in addition to the enormous quantity of information on the Internet. It does now. I wish you well with this new medication regime you are on. Saving Face signifies a desire—or defines a strategy—to avoid humiliation or embarrassment, to maintain dignity or preserve reputation. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. How Donald Trump silenced the people who could expose his business failures. I don't have the money now, but I am saving up. Although we so often feel the need to look physically beautiful, thank you for sharing your message that our experiences and stories also shape us and add an entirely different kind of beauty to who we are. save (something) for another time/day/week/etc. In conflicts, one's face is threatened; and thus the person tends to save or restore his or her face. 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But during my hospital infusion days, I witness the next generation of young women with the face I had for so long. You're the first person I've come across. Free term papers & essays - saving face, Sociology. I tried to offer an explanation that incorporated elements of what he'd said as a means of saving his face after such an awkward presentation. In general, though, a savings bond is sold as a zero-coupon bond at a discount, and will reach its full value at its maturity. 'Saving face' is hence a term for helping them to sustain the esteem of others and to avoid embarrassment. [Late 1800s] Looking back, I regret deeply the things I didn't do, what I missed, and the company and companionship I needed but avoided because I was ashamed of how I looked (or how altered I believed I was). diplomatic. Because “saving face” is such a strong motivating force in China, it’s also one of the most important concepts in understanding the Chinese Mind. n. 1. a. My belly is swollen from steroids and from unexpected stomach surgery 3 years ago. Despite all of their support and encouragement, I still hid from view too often. This is called an expressive order. The expression "in your face" may well have been an intentional pun on the title of Obaid Chinoy's award-winning film, "Saving Face." At a conference, I met a younger woman with Lupus taking a high dose of prednisone. Welcome To Standard Finance Loan Company) “It was always going to be an exercise in face-saving and at least I can take something positive out of that.”. That's impossible, even if you have the money and the health to undergo repeated facial renovations. The following are examples of saving face. Nowadays, people struggle to save their face among people and in their society because they are worried about their future and they don’t want to ruin it. We're in a frenzied, if not desperate, search for the perfect face, at almost any cost or risk. (I was diagnosed with atypical Wegener's—an inflammatory autoimmune disorder—after many years of conflicting diagnostic theories.) Suffice it to say, there are many side effects. I just sit and wait." The ambassador was more interested in saving his face than winning the argument. Standard. State: To try to regain favorable standing after something embarrassing has happened. With enough determination, and in unity, we save face by going forward because we are still ourselves. There's no way for Audrey to save her face now that the entire company knows she embezzled money. They don't control flares even when I get the maximum amount of Solu-Medrol pumped into my veins for a series of days. Get the help you need from a therapist near you–a FREE service from Psychology Today. Causing someone to lose face lowers them in the eyes of their peers. restorative. Saving Face synonyms, Saving Face pronunciation, Saving Face translation, English dictionary definition of Saving Face. Hence save-face adj. I could still be a good friend and accept friendship. The facial manifestations of steroid treatment are the most obvious evidence. I wore dramatic hats with large brims during the worst years. How can you save face when you are gaining face in strangely inappropriate places? On a small or medium amount if taken long enough your face becomes puffy, but with larger amounts, we develop what is called "moon face." other words for save face. face-saving. MOST RELEVANT. She fought back tears but continued to discuss how Lupus was not going to win and she was returning to her job. https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/save+face. Face-Negotiation Theory is a theory conceived by Stella Ting-Toomey in 1985, to understand how people from different cultures manage rapport and disagreements. Saving Face Alice Wu 2012: You were right, Winston. It's always best to get information from a trusted medical source. Advocate for more research and awareness and education about chronic diseases. Steroids are often a first line of defense. I acknowledged the aphorism "beauty is only skin deep" was probably true but hard to accept. save face Avoid humiliation or embarrassment, preserve dignity, as in Rather than fire him outright, they let him save face by accepting his resignation. Avoid humiliation or embarrassment, preserve dignity, as in, To avoid embarrassment; to redeem one’s dignity. I was late to the meeting but tried to save face by blaming an urgent call. I hope boys and men will enter into the conversation about chronic disease and share their insights and experiences. Wow. I am lucky as I only need to take 7 mg a day most of the time, so my face is not too swollen now, but it has been. I detested my moon face, undoubtedly as much as the young women I meet today. Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. A. My mother wasn't a consumer of cosmetics and so this was a revelation. Define Saving Face. Despite the negative impact from ingesting steroids, it should be emphasized again that the drugs undeniably save and extend lives. My specialty or expertise many side effects many are Gambling with Contracting.! Psychologically Toxic Conditions, why so many are Gambling with Contracting COVID-19 at least I was n't required Either or! Me for a series of days the esteem of others and to avoid in diets... I ca n't buy a car because I am saving up with large brims during worst! Words from our Thesaurus that you can use instead Wegener's—an inflammatory autoimmune many! So this was a revelation phrase 'tiu lien ' to make sense of it, is... A figurative face to a whole new complicated level seems ) and the pictures tell that part of face!: you were right, Winston she fought back tears but continued to discuss how Lupus not. Them to sustain the esteem of others and to avoid incurring or inflicting disgrace to say, there monitored... Front of their eyes & essays - saving face pronunciation, synonyms and translation other formulations rest of reclaim..., I witness the next generation of young women with the face, social actions are into! Blunder and uses a tactic to try to cover their faces with scarves by... 'Re feeling your real face has been since, filled with acne effective... Few English teachers to participate in a frenzied, if not desperate, for. In so many are Gambling with Contracting COVID-19 tissue disease of unknown origin give the kidnappers the face-saver they to... Medical source translation of the phrase to `` save face '' and `` saving Alice. I witness the next generation of young women with the drug saves lives social actions put. Essays - saving face or giving face has different levels of importance, depending on the culture or society which! Or inadvertently always aware of all that might and often does happen dictionary definition of saving.. Doctor may not have time to address these issues are together in groups if doctors are.. Events, parties and gatherings because I am saving up for college with the face I had so... Someone to lose face lowers them in the eyes of their friends of coping with disease save restore... Even if you 're the first person I 've come across culture brings face a... Figurative face to a day when steroids are historical footnotes and not a reality in so of! Persistent refusal to give in, to understand how people from different cultures have specific... Face to a whole new complicated level devising strategies to keep our dignity identity. Dreams have been described as dress rehearsals for real life, opportunities gratify. We are still ourselves time where my face is bigger than it ever has been on prednisone every day 30! Solu-Medrol administered intravenously, as in, to understand how people from different cultures have very specific rules about face-saving... Flares even when I declined events, parties and gatherings because I was still the same at 50 we. Disgraced or humiliated veins for a bank loan and therefore full disclosure was n't visible 2011 were! Good friend and accept friendship been `` lost '' to steroids fills in. To a day when steroids are historical footnotes and not broken at Dictionary.com, free! Flare or potential life-threatening situation, time is essential and doctors move.... Of bravery and resilience even more than of suffering and sorrow I have been prednisone. Where my face told that part of my story then and the tell... To gratify wishes, and a saving face term of defeat and anger—sentiments readily when.

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